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Tech for Local Law 97

Climate-tech leaders supporting a groundbreaking plan to reduce emissions in NYC

  • Over 70 percent of New York's greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings.
  • NYC Local Law 97, passed in 2019, is the world’s most important city-level climate and jobs law. It requires large buildings - the bulk of NYC’s real estate square footage - to slash their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The on-site energy efficiency upgrades that the law induces will create tens of thousands of jobs and drive massive capital investment for decades to come, plus lead to many health and quality of life improvements for everyday New Yorkers.
  • Unfortunately, the law itself is now at risk.

What is Local Law 97 and why is it important for climate action?

Local Law 97 requires most buildings over 25,000 square feet to meet new energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions limits by 2024, with stricter limits coming into effect in 2030. The goal is to reduce the emissions produced by the city's largest buildings 40 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050.
Local Law 97 is a critical step in New York City's fight against climate change. The law will help to clean the air, improve public health, and create a more sustainable future for our city. It will also set a bold example for cities around the world.
Don’t take it from us though! This great post from our friends at NY Climate Tech offers an excellent primer, and even NYC’s city government website is emphatic about the benefits of Local Law 97. Want to go deeper? Urban Green Council has also done lots of great work digging into LL97’s nitty-gritty details.

Why is the law currently at risk?

The law is currently at risk due to two delaying strategies being pursued by the commercial real estate lobby:
  1. The first strategy aims to allow non-compliant buildings to delay penalties for years either outright or by filing a paperwork "plan/study" to reduce their pollution, despite having had sufficient time (over 4 years!) to prepare. Such a rule change could effectively gut the law by deferring emissions reductions indefinitely.
  1. The second strategy involves offsetting onsite combustion emissions by purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs), which would allow owners to avoid reducing pollution from fossil fuel use in their buildings, even though emissions from on-site combustion constitute a majority of the emissions from NYC’s buildings and ~40% of the city’s total.
As draft rules for the law are about to be released, it is crucial for supporters of climate action, including the climate tech industry, to engage and advocate for strengthening the law rather than watering it down. This is a key turning point for climate policy and NYC’s climate leadership.

How can I take action?

Fill out our open letter to Mayor Eric Adams here, and then follow through on a handful of key action items. All told, it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes:
If you want to take take political action in person, join our friends at Climate Changemakers for their weekly hour of action Wednesdays 8pm in Brooklyn (Atlantic Barclays), who will be helping us with this action item in the coming weeks. They do all the legwork to setup . Just show up!

How can I stay up to date on LL97 and this effort to defend it?

To stay up to date, subscribe to our newsletter here:

About us

We are climate-tech workers, founders, and investors in New York (and beyond) who are invested in climate change solutions and want our home city to be a leader in the field. We see Local Law 97 as a key fulcrum that can help accelerate climate progress in New York City – and by example, far beyond – during this crucial decade. And, of course, we love New York and want to see it thriving, above water, and leading the way towards a better future. For media inquiries, to learn more, or to contribute, email us at
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Signatories to our open letter to Mayor Adams

Md Abid Sikder, dClimate
Shaun Abrahamson, Third Sphere
Joel Ahearne-Ray, Turner Construction
Sundeep Ahuja, Climate Capital
Isabella Akker, TIME CO2
Thomas Annicq, Inc.
Bronwyn Barry, The Passive House Network
Conor Battle, Spring Lane Capital
Savannah bertrand, Sealed
Mahmud Bonnie, Mahmud Bonnie
Abhijeet Borole, ElectroActive Technologies, Inc.
Garrett Boudinot, Vycarb
Simon Brandler, Brimstone
Adam Braun, Climate Club
Toby Bryce, OpenAir Collective
Jeff Burka, Singularity Energy
Irving C., Atmos Financial
Nick Cardoni, Highview Creations
Edward Casabian, Climate Draft
Maria Casciani, Galvanize Climate Solutions
Andrew Chang, Activate New York
Taylor Chapman, Cascade Climate
Patrick Chopson, Cove Tool, inc
Iftach Cohen,
Nicolas Coles, Energeia Works
Travis Connors, Building Ventures
Steven Crowe, Jackson Control
Dillon Cruz, Google, Brooklyn Community Board 6
Amy Curtis, The All We Can Save Project
Meredith Danberg-Ficarelli, WATS
Parinda Darden, Wildgrid
Nisha Desai (in solidarity from Houston), Intention
James Dice, Nexus Labs
Stefan Dienstag, SOSV
Harsh Dubey, Lowercarbon Capital
Lindsey Dukles, Vycarb
Stephen Dynako, Impact Partner with Raise Green
Leif Elgethun, Retrolux
Sarah Emery, WattCarbon
Robin F Williams, Robin F Williams
Eric Fischgrund, FischTank PR
Cole Fitter, Ironhack
Rachel Fleishman, Insight Sustainability
Laura Fox, Streetlife Ventures
Michele Fox, MUSE (Members United for Sustainable Events)
Nick Freeman, Primary Productions
Forest Frizzell, Shifted Energy
Nicholas Gawry, Square Roots Urban Growers
Kimberly Giese, KCE
Scott Gigante, Climate Tech VC
Shelley Golan, NYC Agriculture Collective
Daniel Goldman, Clean Energy Ventures
William Gradin,
Nicole Granath, Tangible Materials, Tangible Materials
Jessica Gross, Urban Future Lab
Anshul Gupta, New Yorkers for Clean Power and IBM Research
Vanessa Hallik, Another Tomorrow
Derek Harnett, Switch Automation
Brendan Hermalyn, Thalo Labs
Michelle Hirons, HigherRing
Jason Hochman, Direct Air Capture Coalition
Franz Hochstrasser, Raise Green, Inc.
Gabe John, Verdani Partners
Stuart Johnson, Cold Climate
Gabrielle Jorgensen, Climate Changemakers
Sean Kelly, Amperon
Azeem Khan, Gitcoin
NaJin Kim , New Money Eco
Nathan King, itselectric
Nate Kinsey, UtilityAPI
Michele Knapp, FunForm
Evan Korth, NYU
Justin Kosmides, Vela Bikes
Adam Kramer, nZero
Nicholas Kraus, Urban Future Lab at NYU Tandon
Christoph Lange,
Heather Langsner, OpenAir Collective
Alex Laplaza, Lowercarbon Capital
James Lawler, Climate Now
London Lee, Adobe
Richard Li, LG
Taylor Linnell, BuiltCold
Nicole Loher, Climate Consultant
Andrea Luecke, Cleantech Leaders Roundtable
Jason M Beck, Enerex and Zettawatts
Francesca Macchiavello, Spring Lane Capital
Silas Mahner, NextWave Partners
Priyanka Mathur, EcoLearn
Charlotte Meerstadt, Fram Energy
Andre Meurer, Building Decarbonization Coalition
David Miller, Clean Energy Ventures
Jahed Momand, Cerulean Ventures
Christopher Mondoux, Yale School of Management
Daniel Myers, Flair
Kristian Nammack, Matinecock Capital LLC
Alex Nathanson, Energy Transition Design LLC
Christopher Neidl, OpenAir
Jo Norris, Carbon Reform
Andrew O’Rourke, Rooted Market
Hannah Odell, Global Warming Mitigation Project
Goksenin Ozturkeri, Elevate Power
Sam Pardue, Indow
Sam Peinado, Voltus
Krystal Persaud, Wildgrid
Sophie Purdom, CTVC & Planeteer Capital
Chip Quarrier, Resolute Building Intelligence
Tom Quigley, Superorganism
Richard Reiss, City Atlas
Rio Richardson,
Mairi Robertson, Ezra Climate
David Rodriguez, Draft Ventures
Rachel Rosen, WexEnergy LLC
Miriam Roure, Kara
Jake Rozmaryn, Antenna Group
petee run, CB9
Sam Runkle, Lumen Energy & Climate Capital
Luke Rupcic, BlocPower
Jack Rusk, EHDD
Jake Russell, Propeller VC
Laury Saligman, Clean Energy Venture Group
Leise Sandeman, Pathways
Vicki Sando, NYGRRA
Su Sanni, Dollaride
John Santoleri, Clean Energy Venture Group
Kelly Sarber, Strategic Management
Carter Schmitt, Still Bright
Peter Schweinfurth, Clean Energy Venture Group
Hemanth Setty, Zero Circle
Wenbo Shi, Singularity Energy
Naya Shim, Activate Global
Ronjan Sikdar, 2K Games
Kellan Simpson, Altura
Jack Smoot, Bex Power
Russell Sprole, Virta Ventures
Ricky Stephens, Consultant
Andrei Stoica, Warner Bros. Discovery
Jonathan Strimling, CleanFiber
Rachel Suffian, Self Employed NY Resident
Jacob Susman, Ambient Fuels
Marie Thompson, Powerhouse Ventures
Christine Tiballi, DirtSat
Minh To, Amplitude
Isabella Todaro, Climate Neutral / Columbia Business School
Martin Torres, CU Boulder
Analaura Tostado, NYU
Fredrik Tunberg, Sally R, Inc
Alec Turnbull, Climate Tech Cities
Brian Turner, Buildings IOT
Kellie Valladares, Columbia Business School
Theresa Vallejo, Antenna Group
Jacqueline Van den Ende, Carbon Equity
Christophe van Durme, Glimpact
Nick Van Osdol, Keep Cool
Sonam Velani, Streetlife Ventures
Jessica Vernon, Techmenity
Guy Vidra, Collaborative Fund
Kathy Viskup, Chef
Ha Vu, Google
Gernot Wagner, Columbia Business School
Ed Walters, Climate Collective
Mengyan Wang, Intapp
Kevin Webb, Superorganism
Marcus Wedner, Reason Venture Partners
Todd Weinstein, ESG OWL
Alexander Weisberg, Rhizomatic Capital LLC
Albert Wenger, Union Square Ventures
Alex Wick, Cascadia Carbon Inc.
Russell Wilcox, Urban Energy
Kaila Wilson, RETI Center
Matt Yao, Build in Climate
McGee Young, WattCarbon
K Young, The Sky Foundation
Steven Zhang (in solidarity from Boston), ClimateTechList
Rick Zullo, Equal Ventures
Brandon, Partner Energy
WOC/CS, Women of Color Collective in Sustainability
Evan Abel
Anjana Agarwal
Magnus Ahlstrom
Ben Albritton
Armani Allie
Meia Alsup
Irie Ann Ewers
John Atchley
Tamara Barbakova
Jackson Barliant
Cate Battey
Donatela Bellone
Catherine Benz-Jackson
Spence Blood
Eli Bosworth
Felix Bouleau
Liz Breuer
Ben Brooks
Adare Brown
Rebecca Bruehlman
Caroline Busby
Andrew Chang
Maahi Chowdhury
Brett Clarke
Jessica Claus
Maria Cosentino
McLean Cozine
Nina cragg
Jovin Cronin-Wilesmith
Marie D'Amico
Nora Danielson Lanier
Leslie Dann
John Desmond
Ariane Desrosiers
Nate Dombeck
Jessica Donohue
Sean Flynn
Olivia Forker
Rabo Garba
Jonathan Gilmour
Ben Goodwin
Robinson Greig
Eva Guadamillas Codera
Shrey Gupta
Parul Gupta
Elizabeth Hart
Julian Helguero-Kelley
Emily Horing
Megan Joyce
Andrew Kalish
Madhu Kapoor
Ashritha Karuturi
Preyonty Kazi
Ashwin Kishen
Isaac Knipfing
Micah Kotch
Lillian Kwang
Dylan L
Seth Laxman
Valerie Lechene
Ronit Lee
Maddie Lee
Mike Leikin
Briene Lermitte
Shawn Li
Jiazhen Li Ruan
Teresa Liu
Thomas Lu
Barbara Machado
Guillaume Marceau
Tess Marelli
David McClosky
Jay Melone
Thomas Mulvaney
Dan Myers
Nicolas Ng
Uyen Nguyen
Tom O'Keefe
Zach Owens
Tessa Owens
Stina Pagliero
Bradford Parker
Yvette Pasqua
Bianca Pasternack
Sue Patrick
Kenton Quatman
Yoni Rechtman
Taylor Rowe
Joel S Kasparian
Jasmin Sadegh
Everett Sanderson
Sangeetha Sankaran
Carly Schonberg
Daniel Schwartz
David Sciarrino
Pelleg Shilo
Neelu Shruti
Zoe Siegel
Jacob Simon
Drew Skau
Lane Spigner
Carly Staub
Greg Sturcke
Fred Suffian
Sean Surdovel
Rees Sweeney-Taylor
Viktor Szafraniec
Julie T.
Annalee Tai
Jonathan Terranova
Allison Tielking
Jay Tilak
Raj Tilwa
Lekhya Vennamaneni
Matt Walker
Claire Walter
Connie Wang
Michael Wang
Noah Weinflash
Becky Yang
Ann Young
Melissa Zhang